Home Fragrance: What It Can Do for You

Home fragrance does more than create a wonderfully scented space; it influences lifestyles, sharpens the mind and offers a creative outlet for self-expression.

Our sense of smell plays a big role in our everyday lives whether we realize it or not — after all, smell is our oldest sense. According to Scientific American, “odors influence mood, work performance, and many other forms of behavior via their learned associations and their learned emotional associations.” When you invite pleasant aromas into your home or other personal spaces, like your car or office, you create uplifting energy and ambiance. Scenting your home and personal spaces is great for your mind, for your mood, and for making impeccable first impressions.

Stimulate Your Mind and Boost Your Mood

Our relationship with fragrance is a powerful thing. Fragrance can lay the foundation for lifelong memories, evoke nostalgic emotions, and provide an instant mood boost. The first whiff of a scent encourages mindfulness (grounding your attention to the present moment), which plays a fundamental role in the memory making process and in our perception of the world around us. Regular exposure to a scent can have calming and pleasant stress-reducing effects. Filling your space with the fragrances you enjoy can induce relaxation, warmth, comfort, and joy (especially when you swap scents regularly to avoid becoming immune to the scents). Grandeur’s Rise & Shine, for instance, features notes of lime, basil and mandarin, an electrifying trio that’s meant to improve your mood and refresh your mind.

Renew the Big and Small Spaces

Upon entering a home, the first thing people notice is its smell. A subtle fragrance trailing through the air can make a world of difference in creating a welcome ambiance for you and your guests. Diffusing a bit of fragrance oil or stashing scented sachets near pillows and entryways can help eliminate odors and deliver a much-needed boost of freshness.  It’s important to choose size appropriate products when scenting your spaces. This helps achieve your desired scent strength and coverage. For example, your living room may be better suited for an ultrasonic diffuser than a scented sachet. Why? Because a diffuser can disperse fragrance anywhere from 100 square feet to 1,000 square feet, depending on the size of the diffuser.  A scented sachet, on the other hand, can only cover about 25-100 square feet, which is what makes it the perfect fragrance solution for small spaces like closets, cars, luggage, and bathrooms. In your car or office, a simple scented sachet can work wonders to bring revitalizing aroma to the space.

Choose your products accordingly!‍

Inspire Your Creativity

Beginning your home fragrance journey means you’ll probably have plenty of essential oils and fragrance oils on hand. Don’t be afraid to tap into your creative side! Many people enjoy creating their own uniquely scented soaps, perfumes, lotions, and candles with these oils.  Even if you’re not crafting your own fragrance products, you can still have fun blending your favorite fragrance oils together to create your own signature scent. Fragrance is all about you and your experience, so enjoy the process! Discover what scents work for you and your lifestyle. 

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